I know why they call it “Fall.”

Ruth Bernard a renowned photographer was asked what her recipe was for a long happy life.

Something cancer survivors pray for!

One of her suggestions was to “fall madly in love with the world!!”

How do you fall in love with the world when you feel it crashing down on you and you feel miserable and frightened?

Listen to her words…By taking a moment to notice and appreciate all its little peculiarities and idiosyncrasies–the way the clouds flow by, the play of light on dark green pine needles, the kiss of the wind on your skin. (Ryan, 2000, p. 171)

I believe this is why this time of year is called “Fall.” 

It is such a calming, beautiful time to stop, really notice and fall madly in love with the world!

One blessing of cancer.  It makes you slow down. And slowing down gives you the blessing of noticing.

I found these on my “Fall” in love with the world-walk yesterday…

All of the senses are here…

 warm sun mixed with shade,

hearing crisp wind blowing the colored leaves

 bright orange warmth

the smell of damp earth and grass

the touch of round baby pumpkins…

Even if you only have enough strength to go out and smell…

you will feel good!


Another Appointment Day…BLAH!

Do you have to go in for another treatment?



Blood Test?

Are you depressed and weary?


Do you need a boost?

Try wearing a Halloween secret…

I promise it will boost your spirits!!

On my chemo days, a few times an older lady would sit next to me who was in her nineties. She was spunky and fun.  She would come in to the cancer center completely dressed up to the hilt.  Earrings, a hat that didn’t look like a bald cover-up, make up and sometimes even a fur.    It made me laugh to see her dress up so much for such an awful situation. (Most of the rest of us came in sweats.)  She told me her secret:  I do it because I hate coming here so much.  It boosts my spirits when I dress up fancy.  I am sure it took her a long time and a lot of energy to do that.  But it worked to give her a lift!

See someone else who’s spirits need boosting? 

Bring an extra pair of Halloween socks to give away!

It may be your doctor who needs some oomph.

Or that impatient receptionist.

Or the guy who parks your car in the valet.

Or the person who takes your blood…that can’t be fun all day long!

Or your little child.

Do it!

It will make you SMILE!


You will definitely feel better.

Then, later, I will show you what I wore during Radiation!