Who is your God?


Who is your God?

What is He or She like?

Do you talk to Him or Her?

A friend and I were discussing God over dinner after she had offered grace before we ate. She had grown up Catholic and felt it was easy to pray to Mary because she was comforted by Jesus’ mother. But when talking to God as a child she used to feel intimidated like he was too omnipotent to be bothered by a little dot on the earth, which was her. But since then her relationship with God has changed. The discussion began.

Who is your God?

What is He like?

Do you talk to Him?

We both believe in a similar male God that looks like a man but contains all power over the universe, and we both believe that love is the first and most powerful law of the universe.

But what came out of the discussion was the influence our dad’s played in establishing a relationship with that “Father Figure” in heaven. It had a huge impact on both of us.

When she mentioned her first impressions of the scary God, I told her that I never ever felt that way about God. I explained that the reason was because my dad was such a kind, loving, soft-hearted father to me that I carried that father figure model clear up to the heavens, beyond the clouds to my God in Heaven. According to my belief He had those same characteristics as my own dad but on a grander scale. She agreed that her father had also been a positive influence in her own life and was also what influenced her new relationship with God as she grew older.

Isn’t that interesting. Our dad’s relationship with us on earth influences how we feel about our Father in the Heavens.

That is pretty powerful and a big responsibility.

We both enjoy talking to God every single day.

And we both believe he listens to our prayers and guides our lives.

Thanks dad’s who love their children so we learn to love GOD.

(I also ask God to give hugs to my dad and mom up there, too.)


It’s time to play

Be true to your authentic self even if your shoes have splatters of paint…

It brings happiness to the soul.


How do you find that self?

Go back to your childhood and remember back what you played when you were free to do anything you wanted. And discover a version of it now.

Then go…

This is me completing a mural for the children’s area at the homeless shelter right before winter. A group of children began it this past summer…

More Date Ideas for RAK


 Posting dating ideas to support the fun of being kind:

Here is today’s RAK Date Ideas:

THEME: Be Kind to workers and places you normally go

Date #1: MAKE A DAY! a. Fill your post box with colorful post-its telling you postal worker 20 plus reasons why you appreciate them. b. Purchase a $10 gift card to a favorite beverage establishment and tape it to your trash can for your trash collector. c. Play games at your local grocers or Walmart by gathering carts by having races to the holders, having one person get inside and the other push as you bring them closer to the gathering places and while at it pass out starbursts or happy thoughts on post-its to people in the parking lot. d. Take the train or bus? Change seats at every stop and put post-it’s with uplifting thoughts on seats or windows for people to find. e. Be a secret messenger in your circle of the day to someone who you think may not usually get a thank you, a nice card or treat and doorbell ditch, cubicle ditch, office ditch, or drop it off with the doorman. The treats can be small plants, candy bars, a box of crayons and color book, etc… Here’s a list of some of those people: those people who have to sit in huts to collect money for parking lots or traffic to pass, Your cleaners, the receptionist at the gym, your dentist, or pediatrician, your vet receptionist, mail carrier, garbage collector, gardeners, teachers and their assistants, principals, traffic police, crossing guards, grocery store baggers, train conductors, uber drivers, bus drivers, security guards…Make it fun!

Date #2: HOMELESS BAGS: Purchase: pint size freezer bags. Choose what type of bags you would like to create for homeless people that you would random encounter. Create 10 treat bags. Here are some ideas: Grooming bags: travel size tooth paste, and brushes, comb, shampoo, or soap. Warm Bag: Hand or feet warmers, mittens, hot chocolate packs (just add water kind). Treat pack: random wrapped candies, granola, small beef jerky’s. Divvy out with your date and either keep in your cars for when you see someone, or drive around and pass them out.

Date #3: Pay for the people behind you. (A drive through works great) Go to a place you normally go to eat and pay for people behind you. Tell the cashier that you want to watch how they respond. This is so fun!

Date #4: Thank Service Workers: Fire men and Police appreciate treats. Go buy a Costco Pie, or a plate of cookies. or better yet a whole freezer Lasagne and drop it off with a big note saying THANK-YOU!

Date #5: Buy a huge bouquet of inexpensive flowers. (Carnations) Walk around with your date and pass out flowers to people. While you do ask them to tell you something unique about them.

Date#6: Go to an arcade with a ton of quarters and pass them out for anyone to play.

RAK Dating Ideas


 Posting dating ideas to support the fun of being kind:

Here is today’s RAK Date Ideas:

THEME: Be Kind To Animals

  1. Bird feeder date: A. Pool your money and go to, Walmart, Home Depot or Lowe’s and purchase one inexpensive bird feeder (or as many as you want), a bag of bird seed, and twine or thin rope. (And/or optional a little hook holder stake that you can push into the ground with your foot. It looks like one of those shepherds crooks but its metal and can hold the feeder). B. Now the fun part. Look for a place where people can watch the birds come feed. Ideas: A Kindergarten window at a school, (ask first), a window or garden at a senior center, a Big tree where you get food at college or gather with friends at a park, a place where people sit for a bus or stop to rest from jogging… and place it there. C. In a few days go and refill it…You get an automatic second date out of this!

  2. Doggy Park date: Go to Walmart or a grocery store and buy some doggy treats that contain bacon. Find the local doggy park and be the dog candy passer outer. Be sure to tell people this is for RAK and ask permission to feed the dogs. The dogs will love you and you will have a blast getting licked to death with your date. Then go eat bacon cheese burgers at Carl’s Jr.

  3. Gather a bunch of old towels from your neighborhood and go buy cat and dog treats (always treats with bacon for the dogs.) Tell people the towels are for the local vets and animal shelter. Drop off the towels to the Vets or take direct to your local Animal Shelter. Then ask if you can volunteer for a few hours for RAK week. Play with the animals for awhile and pass out your treats you bought. 

  4. At a local park, pick up trash. Buy a small bag of birdseed and just spread it around the bottom of trees. Make a place clean for animals. Then have a picnic.

    I support innocent/getting-to-know-you dating. It’s fun.

    During Random Acts of Kindness week, the acts of kindness do not have to be big. Do small acts with someone you want to get to know better. It is a great way to have fun together…

    BTW my boys: Being kind to animals was one of the things to look for….remember that road trip conversation…

Random Acts of Kindness Week is coming February 12th!

https://www.randomactsofkindness.org/Because nice matters

Do simple things to make a difference for kindness.

Be kind to animals

Be kind to the earth

Be kind to workers

Be kind to places you regularly go

Be kind in your family

Be kind on social media

Be kind to your sweetheart

Be kind to yourself

It makes you and others feel GREAT!

Snoring brings out my evil twin

I am so clever to write a tongue-in-cheek blog post about my grandchild and his ability to torture his parents through lack of sleep. https://jennifercalvertedwards.wordpress.com/2017/01/24/why-fight-the-battle-of-wits/

I pat myself on the back for being wise and experienced about “handling” sleep deprivation with little tots and giving silly solutions to make us laugh at something that is real.

But there is no laughing as I try to find serious solutions to my own sleep deprivation dilemma with a grown up spouse that has loud, gross, strange, and a plethora of sounds emerging from his throat every single time he sleeps…and I don’t.

When the snoring first began I was a patient, dear wife and gently tapped his little shoulder on occasion to gently nudge him to switch positions. He would and I would peacefully nod off…sometimes!

As years went by the shoulder shaking and poking began.

He would say, “What?” In that groggy sleep voice, and I would whisper through my teeth, “Stop snoring!”

No amount of pushing, nose plugging, head moving, or pillow covering can muffle the sound of snoring. It is surround-sound magnified. It is like a sonic boom that moves and shakes the windows in our house and shingles on our roof every single night.

Over the years solutions would show up. Several plastic mouth guards through catalogs that you mold in hot water. A chin thing, scammed from facebook, that was expensive and I think could also curb extra chin fat but seriously choked. (No refund) Higher pillows, a sound machine, and the hole in my ear getting larger because my finger gets deeper and deeper, but nothing easy or free ever works…

It gives me evil thoughts…no lie.

Last night I could feel the vomit welling up in my throat as I listened to a new sound when the uvula took on flem and saliva as dance partners in the back of his. He choked and squeaked moving fluids around from the back of his mouth then burst out air every 7 seconds. I know it was seven because I counted. He was in dream land and solidly sleeping. I was not!

Gees, I’ll take Pip’s opera yelling and early risings over this any day! He’s two. A man’s throat should know better for heavens sakes!

I have felt the bed lift when his diaphragm gasps in a full on snort, and have it thump down again when he blasts out air from his throat shooting the cough drop he fell asleep with on his tongue, clear across the room to hit the mirror. NO LIE!

Sometimes he squeaks air in like he is breathing through a coffee straw and then chokes and gasps, coughs a little then blows air out. (Who knows what is being hacked across the room…I block that from my mind and simply don’t look in the morning!)

He bellows air in like scraping metal boxes over a cement floor and then blasts air out over and over and over. You can honestly hear it rooms away.

He has woken himself up by his snoring and he laughs at such a rare and beautiful talent.

Oh dear God, he’s got Sleep Apnea!

Do ya think?

My poor darling must not be getting a good sound sleep each night with all that stuff going on! Poor thing.

Oh, I guarantee he’s sleeping just fine. I know I watch.

Yep…sleep deprivation is a sign of torture.

The sounds of snoring are high, oh so very high on that list!

I slept clear across the house with my pillow over my head and a seat belt on.