Come on over…

My dear friends and followers,

I am taking this full virtual-space (Cancer Together; What do I do now?) and add it to my other blog-bowl;

 Have Fun With It

to create a big messy gooey life recipe.

I offer you a spoon and hope you will dip in and take some tastes.

I am excited to also introduce to you a new blog on my passion; Preserving that mysterious and wonderful time called “childhood.” Please take a peek and send others.

 Only One Childhood

This space will stay open offering my hand and heart as a continuous life preserver holding to you as you return back to posts.

You will

find those pieces of HAPPY 

you feel you have lost


under the

cancer brick load.

I understand and acknowledge YOU.

Thank you for allowing me

to hold on to you

as my life saver.

I hope you will continue on my journey and enjoy…

Have Fun With It

Random Acts of Kindness Week is coming February 12th! nice matters

Do simple things to make a difference for kindness.

Be kind to animals

Be kind to the earth

Be kind to workers

Be kind to places you regularly go

Be kind in your family

Be kind on social media

Be kind to your sweetheart

Be kind to yourself

It makes you and others feel GREAT!

Story #10: Before it “Poofs” and floats away…

Story # 10: In our community every single Christmas Eve evening we meet on a triangular hill that sits in the middle of three churches called God’s acre. A little wooden bandstand is set up and band players dressed up in red and green hats, sweaters and scarves , who look like they were released from the local retirement center for the evening stand next to their canes and wheelchairs, pull out their worn instruments, lick their chapped lips, and play. (They get to play on the 4th of July too.)

Most of the town comes with their families and distant relatives to sing Christmas carols all together. There is usually a mass or two just before we meet so people pour from the churches dressed in Christmas attire. We hold candles, and pass around words to the songs. As we shiver in the Christmas Eve air we warm our souls by singing our hearts out while wax drips on our gloves. Our children try to burn the music sheets with their lighted candles and we harmonize poorly. We alternate lifting up and bending down during Jingle Bells.

We sing in snow, in rain, in fog, in dropped temperatures. We hug our neighbors and wave to our acquaintances, give treats to the police and fireman then walk a distance to our cars to drive home. It is one of those brief moments in a lifetime that is really a miracle in itself as the town gathers together to share  a little bit of Christmas before it “Poofs” and floats away.

Christmas Story #4: Help I need Christmas spirit

December 2002

I entered the Christmas season exhausted before it began. I was overdone and feeling guilty that I was not in the mood for creating an atmosphere of Christmas for my children. I decided one night (mostly for my sake) to read a short Christmas story to my little boys before bedtime. I was tired and secretly wanted to hurry through it.

I chose a story and tried to skip a few pages to get to the end. When I finished my oldest took the book and said, “There’s songs in this book… Let’s sing one.” And with a pure child’s singing voice began to sing Jingle Bells. As he sang the others joined in. Everyone was giggling and I had to enter in too. He then sang another song that he didn’t remember the tune for very well and we all tried to sing the chorus. This happened for much longer than I expected.

As I kissed and turned out the light my heart felt warmer and less encumbered.

I believe I received some Christmas magic that night…

Story #1: Inspired by 100 bears!

The room was stuffed full of happy energy by over 100 overly excited bears! (no pun intended) They were stitched and stuffed ready and waiting to begin their new life with not just children, but anyone who needs a personal bear buddy. The seamstress has made more than 800 bears over the past eight years.

But the piece of the story that makes it holy is when asked how much she sells them for on Etsy or in boutiques she says,

                                 “Oh they are way too expensive for anyone to purchase.”


The reason is stated VERY resolute.

Every single bear is stitched with the maker’s love. And, she says, “my love is priceless and not for sale.”

Giving them away is only a piece of the gift. She enlists “stuffers,” from her church; mostly children to come help give them life. Then for their service they get to pick one to take home.

The maker says: “There is no mouth but ears because they are perfect listeners. The arms are outstretched ready to give us unlimited hugs for anything life brings. Their furry soft bodies can be loved on in as many ways as there are the people who have them.”

This years 100 will soon be off to the Gold Star Mothers group in up-state New York who provide Christmas for veterans and their families. Her bears have brightened hospitals, the elderly, cancer patients, autistic children, hurricane/tornado victims, and people who need a special cuddle buddy. The maker told me she has just given one to a lonely elderly woman in a retirement facility who now sleeps with her bear buddy every single night. The elderly woman now has friends coveting her bear boy friend and they want one too.

I am privileged to have been given one of those bears…a true gift of love.

What can I give to Christmas? 

Here is the idea my bear buddy whispered in my ear…

Once upon a Christmas season a knock taps on your door.

A strange woman with a twinkle in her eye, wearing pajamas and red slippers holds a heavy suitcase.

Will she be staying long?

What is inside?

 If you choose to let her in

you may discover the fairy gold

she carries in her case.

But it is you who has to open it up

and discover what magic it can bring.

Once again I am a traveling Christmas story teller and would love to come share some fairy gold with you or your friends. Remember stories are for kids from 1-102. If you think you are too busy or too dignified, you are missing out on one of life’s best treasures!

It won’t cost you a cent except time.

It is my gift to Christmas to help spread the magic.

 Happy Christmas Dears.

This my first story to share with you…

Jennifer Edwards

If you are a dreamer come in.
If you are a dreamer,
a wisher,
a liar,
a hoper,
a prayer,
a magic-bean buyer.
If you’re a pretender come sit by my fire.
For we have some flax golden tales to spin.
Come in…
Shel Silverstein

What will you give to Christmas?

 It’s not just for getting…

We need each other!

I waited alone for my MRI, yesterday. I was “un-dresssed” and prepped.

In front of me was a curtained room which another person had just received an IV for the contrast dye who also was waiting. The curtain was drawn. I could only see her feet.

We both sat alone…shaking…

No one was around and the silence compounded the nervous energy.

An angel inside my head told me to get up and go talk to the woman behind the curtain.

I shrugged it off.

The angel insisted again.

I thumbed through a trivial magazine which contents meant nothing compared to the extremity of purpose why I was there…

The angel pestered again, “She is scared just like you. What could it hurt?”

I watched her stocking feet for a few more moments.

Without my brain matching my own stocking feet I found myself standing next to the curtain doing an act completely out of my shy character. I opened the curtain and inside saw a young woman sitting with her head down; visibly nervous.

“Good-luck with your tests.” I told her. “I’m just waiting over there and I figured we both were nervous and so I came to wish you well to calm myself down.”

She gave me a nervous smile and thanked me.

We struck up a conversation about how we both were repeating an MRI within the past few weeks. She had received the news of breast cancer the first time and she was in shock. I told her she would be fine and to hold tightly to hope and faith. We shared positive reports about her doctor and that she would be well cared for.  I explained I was past that time and she would soon be too. We spoke of her boys and how frightened they were for their mother.

Just then a radiology technician came rushing in from the thick door, wondering why I was talking to the woman behind the curtain. I said we were just helping each other through the nerves. And then the young woman got up to leave for her MRI. We hugged each other and wished each other well.

I never saw her again.

I was walked the opposite direction through the other thick door, moments later. We both were placed inside tubes at the very same time listening to truck honks, jack-hammers, horse clomps, haunted house clicks, and machine guns, while praying and singing, wondering how this moment would change our lives from now on.

But for a split second, we held to each other. We comforted each other. We needed human contact; not lonely silence.

I am so glad I listened to my angel.

It was me that was strengthened…

If you get a pester from your angel, listen.

It is as much for you as it is for the other person.

I am going to pray for her and I hope she does the same for me…

You know what?

We do need each other.