Have Flu

Reminder of chemo days and feeling that deep weakness!¬† Don’t like it one bit!


Don’t laugh just Smile

The Reader’s Digest has coined 2013 as the year of optimism.

I like to choose optimism one day at a time.

After I was diagnosed with cancer,

and began to

have many visible

physical changes

to my body along with

the mental distress I was going through,

I began

a silly little ritual.

When I would take a shower

I began to draw a smiley face

in the steam on my glass door.

Often, I was crying when I did it.

Often it was done quickly

almost like a signature.

Some days I really paused.

But I didn’t stop doing it.

Then I watched as it

 disappeared in the steam

of the hot shower.

When I went bald

that smiley face represented

the actual me as my reflection.

It reminds me

that I have to choose

to be happy

and face the day

with a smile.

It sounds like a silly

little action.

But it had a





on my

mental state!

I admit, I still do it!