The proof is in the sign!

Heart Safe

I walk by a sign like this nearly every day.


This is a relief!

It must be pretty important to feel heart safe if even a sign is posted about it.

Even with the exclamation color red around it, so we will STOP, and notice!

Do you feel heart safe?

Not only on the outside part of your community

but in the most important place–

on the inside?

The place where it counts the most…

Do you feel heard?

Do you feel understood?

Do you feel acknowledged?

Do you feel needed?

Do you feel comforted?

Do you feel safe?

Do you feel loved?

Do you feel your heart is handled with care?

A heart safe community must be a pretty big deal.

The proof is right there…                       on the sign!

With the exclamation color red all around it…


Hidden in the Rafters


I love to find hidden treasures.

Perhaps that is why I enjoy searching tag sales.

There are stories there.

Helping paint the inside walls of an old beat up, rented garage to create a small store for less fortunate families in this area, I shifted my ladder above the door frame.

Way up high in the rafters wrapped in cob webs and layers of dust was an old horse shoe and saint figure.

It was not clearly visible from the ground.

I felt like I had discovered a secret from the past.

Who put this there?

I could picture someone hammering in the horse shoe then kissing the figurine before hiding it way up high.


No matter.

The message rung loud an clear.

Bless this place.

And please, while you are at it, give it a little luck, too…

What a sweet gift.

A tiny secret blessing

to hover over

a secret little place

where those in need

can come for hope

and help.

Do you have secret messages hidden?


My Treasures

Some folks I know, when friends drop in

To visit for awhile and chin,
Just lead them round the rooms and halls
And show them pictures on their walls,
And point to rugs and tapestries
The works of men across the seas;
Their loving cups they show with pride,
To eyes that soon are stretching wide
With wonder at the treasures rare
That have been bought and gathered there.

But when folks come to call on me,
I’ve no such things for them to see.
No picture on my walls is great;
I have no ancient family plate;
No tapestry of rare design
Or costly woven rugs are mine;
I have no loving cup to show,
Or strange and valued curio;
But if my treasures they would see,
I bid them softly follow me.

And then I lead them up the stairs
Through trains of cars and Teddy bears,
And to a little room we creep
Where both my youngsters lie asleep,
Close locked in one another’s arms.
I let them gaze upon their charms,
I let them see the legs of brown
Curled up beneath a sleeping gown,
And whisper in my happiness:
‘Behold the treasures I possess.’

I am smitten by my five treasures!
A 32 year journey that has changed my life forever!
Happy Happy Mothers Day