Say it in pumpkin…


What is it about those funny looking squashes that make us so happy?

I know one reason.

The ORANGE color has been recognized psychologically to create an uplift in our moods.

But what people don’t realize is that pumpkins can be used to send messages…

Yes we can “speak” pumpkin!

I am not talking about carving messages in the meaty flesh,

although that is one good idea. 

You can simply place those big chunks of happy

or those teensy little ones in a place where you want

to make someone’s day and send them a pumpkin message. 

My hubby spoke pumpkin to me on Saturday.

This was the particular pumpkin dialect he used…

It worked!

I understood that happy pumpkin message, exactly.

If you are not utilizing Fall squashes to send messages you are letting all that happy go to waste!

A Mamma and five babies
                                                                                  A Mamma and five babies

BTW: If you want your kids to do something fun, give them a hammer and nails and let them pound away in a pumpkin.

 It is also another way an adult can send a message as well.

Keep thinking of more ideas, but speak pumpkin!

That is their job; to make people happy!

Worry, Anxiety, Agitation, Frustration

The news bugs me.

There are many voices in this world all fighting to be heard.

Most of the time the things I see or hear on TV or the internet,

give me a stomach ache.

Yesterday I heard a strategy to calm my agitation, from a church sermon.

It is called “ponder-izing.”

This is how it works:

Find a scripture, not a nice uplifting thought, but an actual real scripture from Holy Books you believe in.

Write or print it out

and place it somewhere where you can read it

and ponder it

several times a day.

Allow this thought to drift in and out of your mind

as the voices of the world

or the stresses of your life

stir up worry and fears.

Holy words are there to give us peace and comfort.

I trust this thought!

Start today,

and ponder your picked thought

for this whole week.

See if it works.

The news may still give me stomach aches,

but at least

I am anchoring my mind

to whats most important in my beliefs

and allow my mind to “Park”  or drift

to my own scripture thoughts. 

Share this strategy with someone who gets stomach aches from the news, too.

I am sharing my scripture choice with you….

photo (4)

(Put yours, or mine on your screen saver, on your refrigerator, on your steering wheel, by your kitchen sink, etc.)