Dear Sweet Summer

Dear sweet summer came a whistlin’ in through my morning window today, sprinkling sparkly sun glitter on my bedspread and made me giggle at the chatter of a squirrel/robin quarrel. I followed with a lazy yawn and a morning stretch, taking in the moment. The calendar marks it official–summer solstice occurred last evening.

But summer isn’t just a season, summer is a state of mind.

Summer has to creep inside of us for it to truly happen!

Even if we are all grown up, when sweet summer gets inside, we allow ourselves, each year, to climb back into yesterdays, dust off our long ago childhoods and give ourselves permission to relax a little bit more and play… 

Play is not reserved only for children. But many adults think play is “immature, nonproductive, and worse, a waste of time. Adults often only allow themselves to play when they get their work done! But adult work is never done! And finally when adults do “play” it seems to have to turn into something serious and beneficial to feel acceptable to take the time to do, forgetting the joy is in the process of it and for the fun of it. (Flow, pg. 13-14)

As stresses of adulthood leaves us dulled and exhausted the very remedy is to simply take a few moments to do something fun and play. Play is as different as their are different people.  

It’s time to reminisce about those old fireworks block parties and have one if that feels like play!

It’s time to kick our shoes off and run through the sprinklers if we feel spontaneous and hot!

It’s time to stop and have that picnic and then stay after the mosquitoes feast, and actually watch the stars come out.

It’s time to bring that funky plant to work to remind us to feel playful.

Let’s break out that bathing suit for all to see even though we haven’t finished losing weight or our bodies will never be tan.

Let’s build sandcastles, and eat ice cream from the ice cream truck, and stub our toes, and swing. Let’s read a book, then read another, then read one to a child.

Let’s stay up late and watch movies, and make forts out of blankets and sheets, and find watermelon seeds to spit.

Let’s have a BBQ, and write our names with sparklers, and eat Big Hunks and Jaw Breakers!


Play is good for us!  The most important ingredient is fun! (15)

Sweet summer does not grant us permission to play, she offers the sunshine, the thunder storms, the fireflies, the diamonds on the water, the firelight, the sunsets, and she offers them gently, sometimes so quietly we don’t even notice. Sweet summer stands with her arms held out to embrace and all we have to do is come running and jump in and play!

“Oh hello my dear sweet summer, I missed you…


The Loudest Clapper!

At 11 p.m. the other night my son and his friend spontaneously began jamming in the basement, choosing a violin and a guitar to rock with. The sound was super cool!

I stood near the closed door in the dark hallway of the kitchen and just listened. 

As they finished, I pulled opened the door, and  I clapped while it echoed in the stairwell.

In their surprise they laughed through the wall that separated me from them, then thanked me for being a loyal audience. I called down good-night, and the door made that distinct creek when I closed it while they went back to jamming.

I smiled when I crawled into bed still listening to the rock music two floors below.

It calmed me exactly like a lullaby!

How many spontaneous, off-the-fly moments have I captured just like this one?

So many!

These are my treasures!


my last child of five

graduates from high school.

As I wrote in my journal this morning, I watched from my window, my neighbors walking their five year old boy to the bus stop of his last day of kindergarten. He was running ahead and his daddy had the backpack swung on his shoulder, scurrying to make the bus. With big bushes in my view, I could hear the screech of the bus wheels and then the push of the gas pedal as it drove away.

A flood of memories filled my mind of so many moments with five children on the last day of school.

So many years worth.

So many unplanned, spontaneous moments.

And so many clapping times.

Today when my son’s name is called to pick up his diploma,

I will be his loudest clapper.

I have been all along!

This day is a monumental last for our family

but it will not be my last clapping day.

I can’t wait to crawl in bed smiling, on many occasions to come.

You will change the world, my boy!

And I will always be clapping for you.

Today may be closing a chapter in our lives, but being a mom awards me the gift to always be the loudest, strongest and proudest clapper for all my children for the rest of their lives.

This makes me excited for what is on the horizon ahead!

I would like to share my most favorite poem on this special occasion in honor of this day to my husband and children:

Bits and Pieces


There is


one grand


on which

you will do 

all the



you have

dreamed of

for a 




But rather








like a







A laugh


a smile


an embrace



and squeezes;


A hearty 


with a


the picnic

at a 





is not


for one



but only









Millie Foster Cheesman

1,990,000 steps west

 One weekend


wearing real names on their wrists

of those

who lived–

                                          and died

for a cause

 of faith

walked in their shoes!

One was mine…

History is made up of real stories of real people.


What do we live for– or perhaps are passionate enough to die for?

                    For them it was 1,990,000 steps west, into the unknown, to freely worship without being killed–carrying the knowledge that most would die trying.

And so many did.


Youth group from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Reenacting the Mormon pioneer handcart companies and their hardships and joys over a weekend.