I’ve decided I’m going to vote for GOD–


If I write his name in on the ballot He won’t win.


So which Presidential Candidate

will lead our country

with GOD?

If I choose, I’m not sure GOD will stick around.

If I don’t vote GOD will lose by default.


That’s that…

Sorry GOD.

It looks like you are out.



At least while you are still around.

Thanks for watching over us.

We need each other!

I waited alone for my MRI, yesterday. I was “un-dresssed” and prepped.

In front of me was a curtained room which another person had just received an IV for the contrast dye who also was waiting. The curtain was drawn. I could only see her feet.

We both sat alone…shaking…

No one was around and the silence compounded the nervous energy.

An angel inside my head told me to get up and go talk to the woman behind the curtain.

I shrugged it off.

The angel insisted again.

I thumbed through a trivial magazine which contents meant nothing compared to the extremity of purpose why I was there…

The angel pestered again, “She is scared just like you. What could it hurt?”

I watched her stocking feet for a few more moments.

Without my brain matching my own stocking feet I found myself standing next to the curtain doing an act completely out of my shy character. I opened the curtain and inside saw a young woman sitting with her head down; visibly nervous.

“Good-luck with your tests.” I told her. “I’m just waiting over there and I figured we both were nervous and so I came to wish you well to calm myself down.”

She gave me a nervous smile and thanked me.

We struck up a conversation about how we both were repeating an MRI within the past few weeks. She had received the news of breast cancer the first time and she was in shock. I told her she would be fine and to hold tightly to hope and faith. We shared positive reports about her doctor and that she would be well cared for.  I explained I was past that time and she would soon be too. We spoke of her boys and how frightened they were for their mother.

Just then a radiology technician came rushing in from the thick door, wondering why I was talking to the woman behind the curtain. I said we were just helping each other through the nerves. And then the young woman got up to leave for her MRI. We hugged each other and wished each other well.

I never saw her again.

I was walked the opposite direction through the other thick door, moments later. We both were placed inside tubes at the very same time listening to truck honks, jack-hammers, horse clomps, haunted house clicks, and machine guns, while praying and singing, wondering how this moment would change our lives from now on.

But for a split second, we held to each other. We comforted each other. We needed human contact; not lonely silence.

I am so glad I listened to my angel.

It was me that was strengthened…

If you get a pester from your angel, listen.

It is as much for you as it is for the other person.

I am going to pray for her and I hope she does the same for me…

You know what?

We do need each other.