The Easter Chat

Sit close

my dear ones.

Please hear my words, even though I am tongue-tied

at what I am trying to express to you.

Many years ago, the Savior of the world

suffered and died for you, and me.

It makes my heart broken to think of it.

We celebrate it now, at the beginning of new life called SpringAt Easter.

But what does it all mean, really?

It is so hard to stop and think about it, and truly understand.

It is the most important moment of all existence!

Too bad we don’t really get it! 

Put simply, our Heavenly Father adores all of us so much but is so pure and special and holy that we cannot come back home to his presence unless someone who is like HIm and just as pure, takes all of our imperfections and somehow, miraculously transforms our ability to be able to return home and be with that loving Father in Heaven, once again.

Once again.


Does that mean we were once with Him before….

And somehow in that “before” place there was a plan which was carried through by this precious soul, named Jesus Christ?

That pure soul volunteered to experience every feeling, every problem, every sin, every torture, every illness, every bad choice, every single imperfection that has and will ever exist caused by the fall of Adam then be tortured for us, and then restore our chance by allowing us to have hope to live eternally. Then be Resurrected to show there is life after we die and we CAN live with Heavenly Father once again!

I know sweethearts.

It is hard for me to fully grasp the intensity of it, too.

Perhaps it is too hard.

But if someone saved your life or saved the life of someone you love. what is the best way to show your appreciation and respect for that person? To remember them always. And not only remember them but to try to be like them. And keep trying to learn more about them.

Let’s take it slowly and think of only today since it is the peaceful day after Jesus’ death.

Today is the middle moment, when the tears have been cried out after the agony of the Atonement and Crucifixion represented yesterday. Anger, as the ones who loved Him, must be pushed to a far away moment of grieving.

It is the time to be silent. The time to reflect on that life once inside that empty lifeless body which now has gone.

It is time to work.

It is the last time to  respectfully touch and gently clean and prepare that body similar to that time long ago, in a manger when HE first arrived.

It is the last time to kiss and caress, say expressions of affection and to shed a few more tears, to say good-bye…

and then

close the tomb.

Not realizing something WONDERFUL is brewing heavenward.

Today is the day when the spirit of the one who has gone on, lingers quietly around those He loves. His presence is felt in the quiet whispers of mourning, the silent ponderings staring into empty spaces of the soul, in embraces of comfort, in rest from emotional exhaustion.

The work is complete.

The burial is over.

It is time to return back to life and try to make sense of death once again.

To try to live life without someone who has changed your life forever…

And then

Easter morning


exactly in the same way

 every single morning opens

the day.

Wait, just one more time to visit the burial scene in the early morning to find comfort from the loss.

But wait…

Where is Jesus Christ?


He shows us HE lives.

The promise is complete.

We have HOPE for eternal life.

What else does this say?

Spiritual Death from the presence of God has been conquered

we can return to live eternally with him once again.

Don’t you see…

Death is not the end of all who die.

Our lives had a purpose long before and has long after this life is done.

We have a Father in Heaven who loves each of us

and waits for us to join him in the heavens!

Sit close my dear ones.

If there is one thing to discover

even though it is difficult to grasp.

Jesus Christ really did this.

And now what we do with this act

of the purest of all love,

is now

up to us!



What a job taking off the wallpaper!

Magazine’s, home networks, and electronic sites

encourage us to

declutter, tear down the old, refresh, reorganize…

It is good to do those things.

But not


it feels like your life

is being peeled and scraped off walls

and all the little pieces are put

in the garbage can.

It is strange

that the first photos

sent out of my childhood home

being torn apart

to get ready to

sell is of

my childhood room.

The room that stayed the same…

so all the little children who ever entered

our family home

would have a “toy place.”

Looking at this picture makes me tender!

Layers of my life stripped away to my very beginning
Layers of my life stripped away to my very beginning

This paper knows all my secrets–knows me as me.

 I was first put in my crib right there with those new butterflies to look at.

My parents kissed me goodnight every single night right there.

I learned to pray kneeling beside my bed there by a yellow bed spread.

I played dress up and lined my bed with all my dolls and stuffed animals right there.

I watch the sun rise through my window and would catch the rays in the dust while lying in my bed next to the white sheen wall paper, with my white doggy, Joey warming my feet, and day dreaming of all things a young girl wishes at different stages of her life…right there.

I heard through that very wall, lined with blue stripes, the last breathes of my mother, barely one year ago as I said good-bye for the last time…

Refreshing is good.

I am sure the freshly painted white walls will look very clean and nice.

And someone soon will walk in that freshly painted space and look all around and make some comment about using it for a gym, or office and not have a clue the spirit and life that grew up in those walls

and learned,

and loved,

and experienced


right there

in that tiny little room!

The garbage truck just pulled away with junk and paper inside…can you hear it.

It is gone!

More letting go…

The memories

I will keep inside forever.

Simple Christmas Secret

I was diagnosed

with breast cancer

at the beginning of a

Christmas Season.

It was all too much

to get out my decorations,




bring in the Christmas Atmosphere

in my home.


I didn’t want to stop Christmas

for my family!


This is one of my secrets for bringing home atmosphere simply.

The use of SCENT:

Christmas Soup

(Not for eating but for atmosphere!)


One little pot

(I bought an inexpensive red one at Home Goods)






orange peels as you eat through the season


1. Pour water in the pot

2. Put dashes here and sprinkles there of all the spices

3. Every time you eat an orange throw the peels in the pot

4. Simmer from Dec. 1 until you take down Christmas in January

(Be sure you keep adding water and spices as they cook away all season long. About every other week I dump the pot and begin a fresh new one. It looks awful but smells divine! Give one of the kids the job of making Christmas soup…its fun!)

You may not be able to do

all the things you want to do this holiday.

That is okay!

But you can

make your home



by doing simple things…

Then Christmas will be really spent doing all the right things!

Did you know sense of smell

triggers memories forever.

Bring Christmas soup home

every season

and your family

will always remember it!

Be Well!