Who is your God?


Who is your God?

What is He or She like?

Do you talk to Him or Her?

A friend and I were discussing God over dinner after she had offered grace before we ate. She had grown up Catholic and felt it was easy to pray to Mary because she was comforted by Jesus’ mother. But when talking to God as a child she used to feel intimidated like he was too omnipotent to be bothered by a little dot on the earth, which was her. But since then her relationship with God has changed. The discussion began.

Who is your God?

What is He like?

Do you talk to Him?

We both believe in a similar male God that looks like a man but contains all power over the universe, and we both believe that love is the first and most powerful law of the universe.

But what came out of the discussion was the influence our dad’s played in establishing a relationship with that “Father Figure” in heaven. It had a huge impact on both of us.

When she mentioned her first impressions of the scary God, I told her that I never ever felt that way about God. I explained that the reason was because my dad was such a kind, loving, soft-hearted father to me that I carried that father figure model clear up to the heavens, beyond the clouds to my God in Heaven. According to my belief He had those same characteristics as my own dad but on a grander scale. She agreed that her father had also been a positive influence in her own life and was also what influenced her new relationship with God as she grew older.

Isn’t that interesting. Our dad’s relationship with us on earth influences how we feel about our Father in the Heavens.

That is pretty powerful and a big responsibility.

We both enjoy talking to God every single day.

And we both believe he listens to our prayers and guides our lives.

Thanks dad’s who love their children so we learn to love GOD.

(I also ask God to give hugs to my dad and mom up there, too.)



I’ve decided I’m going to vote for GOD–


If I write his name in on the ballot He won’t win.


So which Presidential Candidate

will lead our country

with GOD?

If I choose, I’m not sure GOD will stick around.

If I don’t vote GOD will lose by default.


That’s that…

Sorry GOD.

It looks like you are out.



At least while you are still around.

Thanks for watching over us.

The dog bite

I don’t want my blog to be political because then it would be sucked into a treacherous current that is difficult to get out of.

And here is one small example why.

Just two days ago, after a sweet little breakfast with a friend I had not seen in four years, I decided to roam around her little town of one fire station, one gas station, a used book store, a car tire garage, a hardware store, a junk store and a few specialty stores and restaurants. It is the epitome of quaint New England. In fact this was the town I had posted one Halloween where the pumpkin patch payment was all on honor code with a little box to place your money in, that anyone could have reached in and helped themselves. I had dressed up and tried to make it a nice event for me and my friend.

As I was walking back to my car parked behind the very cool junk store a man allowed his dog to stretch way out on those retractable leashes so I turned to pet. I love doggies and FEE-FEE was on bee-line to me. The owner said, “He’ll bite you!” And I of course retreated my hand back from my koochy-koo with the pup. And the owner then said, “Bite her, Bite her, she is obviously a Trump supporter!” And he just barely pulled Fido away from my leg but let his leash out so he was close enough to snarl.

Now it all happened quickly and unexpectedly. I nervously laughed it off and dashed into the out door junk yard, watching him laugh at me as he walked past retracting in Doggy-dear’s leash. I felt really hurt.

I am worried about what is happening to the people in this country. I know the majority are good kind hard working people who want a good life for their families. But I also see more and more hurtful unkindness that seems to now be allowed and disregarded. That very tiny moment was uncalled for. 

Are Americans so distracted and hopless that we sit in a huge boat floating down a torrential river current minutes from going over a Niagra Falls type water fall but we all have our cameras out taking selfies and pictures of the scenery continually posting our lives on facebook and Instagram! We have got to collectively paddle the opposite way. Back to kindness, honesty, abiding by the rules and not bending them to fit our needs, being respectful to each other and our blessings this country offers that is truly amazing. And especially get back to God who gave us everything but our desire to follow him. And if we don’t follow HIM our future looks pretty bleak!

You are Beautiful

looking in mirror

We like to look at ourselves in the mirror. We can’t help it. We check to see if broccoli is in our teeth, our clothes look right, or our hair looks good– (if we have hair). Although non of us look perfect we still try to look and evaluate and alter our look to make us feel like we look better.

But cancer attacks from the inside and becomes an interior invasion which is damaging to our “look,” even if the source cannot be seen in a mirror. Even though we judge our outward appearances it is really how we feel from our inside that truly makes “our look.”

When you are told there is an evil darkness lurking under your skin, growing inside of you, there isn’t only an evil demon with one horrific objective  but also a feeling of ugliness that does not show in the mirror but hurts really really badly. You feel ugly and dirty and broken from deep inside and that, I believe is far worse than feeling it on the outside. It attacks who you are made of from the heart and soul.

But, I received some powerful advice about this that I want to share. It is this:

“No one can cut your spirit!”

Nor can they burn, poke, poison, break, radiate, amputate, neuter, sever, etc.

We are made from God. He made us in his image and our spirits are made of the same substance that he is made of; light and love. No matter what happens to the little house we call our body, our spirit is beautiful and always loved.

So for those of you who are feeling this dark, ugliness from the inside because of a diagnosis called cancer I just wanted to remind you…

Your are beautiful inside and out!



He looked GOOD!

   Subbing in art I came across this spunky 1st grader who was determined to tell me an important incident before allowing me to move on as I wandered around tables of children immersed in wonderful art messes.

She told me that she drew a picture of God and went on to explain…

“My dad said,” she mimicked in a stern father-voice,  “How can you draw a picture of God, no one knows what he looks like!”

And she said,

“They do now, because I am finished with my drawing!”

She waited for me to say something in hanging silence…

So I proceeded,

“How did he look?”

And with her six year old assertive confidence declared…

“He looked good!”

Life’s fragility


In one second I could send these piles of useless rocks to their original heap with a flick of my toe or finger.

But I can’t.

I won’t!

The rock formation takes on a life of its own standing firm and statuesque giving us some sort of message about balance and fragility, while other rocks nearby are stuck in lifeless piles hoping for foundations, or paths, or purpose.

This feels a lot like life;

a fragile balance of moments

which gather and build

with the potential to change in an instant.

We do not know how or why.

But life continually makes altering swings.

We teeter and balance

or we fall.

Two days ago life gave me one of those moments. I was forced to say good-bye to a dear friend not expected to live by Christmas. She is too young and full of life to leave. Yet no matter how hard I held on to her, I could not fix what was taking her away. I could not stop the rocks from falling!

We never know when or why this has to happen

we just know it does.

I keep getting stuck in this spot.

God is in charge

is how I cope.

And that faith helps me continue to balance and build, even while shedding tears.

Today that is what this rock tower  stands for to me!

Life’s fragility; one little rock at a time…

IMG_0573 (1)

IMG_0574 (1)

For Suzanne who is brave and good