I nearly missed it

It’s Monday…

Yesterday I worshiped Christ, the Lord over Easter.

I honored the most important event in the history of the whole earth.

But today its over.

How do I feel God loves me today,

you know for just me;

a dot in that universe?

Are you there God?

On my walk today I pondered this…

Then I saw.

His way…




I nearly missed it looking down and distracted.

How could I deserve such love?



Pink Blizzards

Picture this tonight

as you lie awake,

unable to fall asleep

when life’s

heavy burdens

weigh you down.

Vibrant pink blossoms, as large as carnations, explode together as the tree limbs bend, heavy in full flower display. Pink petals have fallen beneath, in full diameter of the tree, resembling pink snow. Spring blows her gentle whistle in the wind, sending thousands of fragrant pink petals off the tree, to dance in the air, in a bright pink delicious flurry. The annual spring blossom contest has begun. It is magical and fleeting but best of all… it is free.