Easter’s message

I stand all amazed…


Sit Close and get warm…

“…When you sit in front of a fire in winter, you are just there in front of the fire, and you don’t have to be smart or anything. The fire warms you.”

Today  my Christmas wish for you is to “sit with the Lord and let Him warm you like a fire in winter. You don’t have to be perfect or the greatest person who ever graces the earth or the best of anything to be with Him.”

Just sit next to the little baby… and get warm…

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Oh Come Let Us Adore Him

Merry Christmas

Extracted from an article by Todd D. Christofferson, “Be At Peace.” Ensign. Referred to Anglican Arch Bishop, Desmond Tutu in South Africa; interview about his relations ship with God as he has grown older.


delight  v. 1 please, gratify, satisfy, gladden, cheer, tickle, amuse, entertain, excite, thrill, captivate,entrance, fascinate, relish, revel in, glory in, love, adore, enjoy, appreciate, like, savor, delectation, bliss, charmed, thrilled, enchanted, rapture, tickled pink, tickled to death, happy

I gave a talk once about DDD (Delight Deficit Disorder)

There is an epidemic!

There is also a cure.

This time of year is the best time to come to grips with it

so healing can be lasting.

It involves a heart attack!

To see what’s deep in there that is creating the deficit.

It involves a “cleanse,” (or two, or three)!

To purge our inside garbage cans.

It involves injections!


It involves partaking of the most lactose fee, gluten free, soy free, whole food, vegan, low carb, pure sugar, low sugar,  low sodium, low cholesterol, low fat, natural-soul pure diet which is labeled the Atonement of Jesus Christ. The true meaning of EASTER!

“Behold, my soul delighteth in proving unto my people the truth of the coming of Christ…and all things which have been given of God from the beginning of the world, unto man, are the typifying of him.

And also my soul delighteth in the  covenants of the Lord which he hath made to our fathers; yea my soul delighteth in his grace and in his justice, and power, and mercy in the great and eternal plan of deliverance from death.

And my soul delighteth in proving unto my people that save Christ should come all men must perish. For if there be no Christ there be no God: and if there be no God we are not, for there could have been no creation.

But there is a God, and he is Christ, and he cometh in the fulness of his own time.

PHEW!  There is a cure for DDD!


Scripture extraced from: (2nd Nephi 11: 4-7) The Book of Mormon

Water into wine? Big deal!

We have become a society of sensationalism!

We are easily bored and distracted.

We are constantly waiting for the rush of a climactic end

that we miss the subtleties in the process which has the ability to alter our lives.

Take magic tricks for example. 

The card with the bus drivers signature, who signed it right in front of you is found on top of the Eiffel Tower in France…”Big deal, seen that one before. Do something even better!”

Take the X-games as another example.

A quadroooople back flip, launched off a mile high ramp over alligators, glass, and hot lava…landing it by ending with a kick flip…”Ho Hummmm, Do something more exciting. Didn’t we see that last year!”

What about special effects with movies,

–the news.

So the first recorded miracle of Jesus Christ could actually be considered the “sleeper miracle.”

“Water to wine? Big Deal! Can’t we buy something now at Wallmart that does that for us…”

Perhaps at the moment it brought a thrill for those who witnessed it, but reading it now is…well…


But wait. Aren’t we told even from Christ himself: “But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear. Matt. 13:16 (King James Version)

Do we miss stuff in the scriptures, by waiting for the thrill, keeping our eyes and ears focused so much on the grand finale that we miss parts of the process where perhaps the deeper learning lies. 

I stayed a little longer at that long ago wedding feast thinking about this first miracle wanting to see and hear more… 

I almost missed that the very first public miracle performed was Jesus Christ serving who?

Not the wedding guests…

His mother.

AND although we barely even heard tid-bits about Jesus’s childhood except for that short twelve year old incident, something happened to Mary over those years regarding her son. Something powerful and precious. She believed in Him! I believe that is what instigated this miracle. Not that the guests were thirsty!

Mary knew Jesus had the ability to fix this problem and she had confidence in that belief. Confidence in her son!

From her words to the servants, “Whatsover he saith unto you, do it.” (verse 5)

Jesus’s response to her plea to help in this need seems harsh for our time. “Woman, what have I to do with thee? mine hour is not yet come.” But according to the time, the term “Woman” was an endeared word for the respect and honor of one so special as a mother.

And I wonder, in that quick moment that Jesus Christ’s message to us about this first miracle was not just the phenomenon that water was turned right before their eyes into wine for only those disciples to witness, but it was a confidence confirmed between a mother who loved and honored her son to begin what he came to do.

I know it is time Jesus…

I believe in you.

It was then He began his ministry.

“This beginning of miracles did Jesus in Cana of Galilee, and manifested forth his glory; and his disciples believed on him.” (verse 11)

But before He did, there was a mom who proved her confidence in Him…

From her own words: 

“Whatsover he saith unto you, do it.”

The Last Week

When all is said and done, when all of history is examined, there is nothing so wonderful, so majestic, so tremendous as this act of grace.   President Gordon B. Hinckley
When all is said and done, when all of history is examined, there is nothing so wonderful, so majestic, so tremendous as this act of grace. President Gordon B. Hinckley

It really puts everything else in proper perspective…

It makes suffering bearable knowing He carries it with me.

It is love in its purest form.

My mind cannot completely understand

but my heart wants to.