Creating a Ripple

Racking my brain…

My family is at the stage now,

of counting my sweet mother’s breaths…

But I live so far away I could be in mars. At least it feels like it!

I want to be with her for all the last breaths and hold her hand.

She has given me so much, I don’t want her to go.

My mother turns 89 the beginning of Oct.

I want to celebrate her life while she is still with us.


Then, I received an angel whisper.

An idea…create a ripple.

Every day for the month of September

leading up to her birthday on Oct. 1st

I am sending

all of her posterity

and brothers and sisters

a Fun Fact about her.

There are over 100 of us.

Everyone has LOVED it! 

Including my mother!

It allows me to do something for her

here on Mars.

It has allowed everyone to know facts about her

they never knew or remember back.

It has created a beautiful ripple

of her life which not only

encircles around her


encircles out

to all of us.

Here is a peek:

Grandma trusts all people!

At Ruth and Wade’s wedding reception Ruth told all of Wade’s friends where they were going to spend their wedding night, up in a little cabin in the canyons. That was a mistake! It was common in those days for friends to do a sneak attack on the new couple and knock on windows and yell silly comments. But Wade must have had a good friend who tipped him off. Wade got the last laugh when instead of going to the little cabin, he quickly changed the plans and went to his brother, Keith’s apartment. All his friends went to the canyons…but they weren’t there. Ruth wondered why they didn’t go to the canyons like they planned…

You can still have fun at the end of life….


Wind Dance


I believe nature has their own parties and we don’t even know its happening around us.

Today was wind dance day for sure!

And what a party it was!!

If anyone has ever been in New England during fall there are lots of  secret party days going on between the leaves, the trees, and the animals. It is the most spectacular time of year here.

And on wind dance day it is the most extraordinary thing to watch.

Most of the leaves begin while on the ground; you’d think they are done falling.

Then the wind starts her flirt with a tiny little tune and the slow dance…

The leaves feel it inside and begin a little sway…

They are hypnotized by her tease while she picks up the pace.

Several catch the beat and pop like pop corn kernels in a pan of oil as the wind moves from side to side with the dance. More leaves join in and toe tap, twist and shuffle. Couples join in to swing and flip while others sizzle with Salsa and Merengue. A little tap, a little jazz, a little jitterbug, then ballroom and some crazy street head spins you ever have seen.

The party starts quick and lasts all day long! Swirls of red, gold, and orange blow and twist in the air. Such excitement creates tornadoes of color. There’s a beat that we can’t hear that they feel and celebrate.

Every leaf joins in with free form; twirling and swirling, flying from the ground up and from the trees down. The wind is playing a mighty powerful song and the leaves can’t resist the beat.

Then as quickly as she comes, the wind blusters past her partners like a fickle girlfriend.

And then they once again fall to the ground and sit there lifeless. Hoping she’ll come back to dance.


Today was wind dance day I am sure of it.

It was amazing.

Mom’s angels…

One month before my mother’s birthday I wanted to somehow pull our family all together encircling her in a big hug. This idea came to me and became a HUGE hit with everyone. I decided to send out mass e-mails, to all her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, short little snippets–fun facts about her life each day of that month gearing up to her birthday as the finale. Her life was hanging by a thread; so fragile and we didn’t know how much longer she would be with us. Bless her heart, she lived through that month and read every single one and loved them all! We had so much fun learning about her life and enjoying these memories with her! This is the very last fun fact that I sent out and really allows us a peek into her dear soul:

Grandma often speaks of her angels. Her angels surprise her when work gets done when she doesn’t ask. “Oh look, my little angels emptied the dishwasher!”  Her angels surprise her when ingredients just show up in the cupboard. “Oh my goodness gracious, my little angels put some extra brown sugar in there!”  Her angels help her when she loses things. “Oh phew, my little angels found my glasses! And they always came through during frightening or sad moments. “It’s okay darling, our angels are close by, they will protect us from the lightening and thunder.” 

Here are the four main life lessons for us to never forget from her angels:

 one: We are always surrounded by angels and that should give us great comfort.

two:  We could be an angel to someone one else and that will give others great joy.

three: There is a powerful source to which we can rely that sends those angels. That source is a loving Heavenly Father who knows us and loves us even more than Grandma…                hard to imagine but it is true…

four: Grandma is one of those angels.