More Date Ideas for RAK

 Posting dating ideas to support the fun of being kind:

Here is today’s RAK Date Ideas:

THEME: Be Kind to workers and places you normally go

Date #1: MAKE A DAY! a. Fill your post box with colorful post-its telling you postal worker 20 plus reasons why you appreciate them. b. Purchase a $10 gift card to a favorite beverage establishment and tape it to your trash can for your trash collector. c. Play games at your local grocers or Walmart by gathering carts by having races to the holders, having one person get inside and the other push as you bring them closer to the gathering places and while at it pass out starbursts or happy thoughts on post-its to people in the parking lot. d. Take the train or bus? Change seats at every stop and put post-it’s with uplifting thoughts on seats or windows for people to find. e. Be a secret messenger in your circle of the day to someone who you think may not usually get a thank you, a nice card or treat and doorbell ditch, cubicle ditch, office ditch, or drop it off with the doorman. The treats can be small plants, candy bars, a box of crayons and color book, etc… Here’s a list of some of those people: those people who have to sit in huts to collect money for parking lots or traffic to pass, Your cleaners, the receptionist at the gym, your dentist, or pediatrician, your vet receptionist, mail carrier, garbage collector, gardeners, teachers and their assistants, principals, traffic police, crossing guards, grocery store baggers, train conductors, uber drivers, bus drivers, security guards…Make it fun!

Date #2: HOMELESS BAGS: Purchase: pint size freezer bags. Choose what type of bags you would like to create for homeless people that you would random encounter. Create 10 treat bags. Here are some ideas: Grooming bags: travel size tooth paste, and brushes, comb, shampoo, or soap. Warm Bag: Hand or feet warmers, mittens, hot chocolate packs (just add water kind). Treat pack: random wrapped candies, granola, small beef jerky’s. Divvy out with your date and either keep in your cars for when you see someone, or drive around and pass them out.

Date #3: Pay for the people behind you. (A drive through works great) Go to a place you normally go to eat and pay for people behind you. Tell the cashier that you want to watch how they respond. This is so fun!

Date #4: Thank Service Workers: Fire men and Police appreciate treats. Go buy a Costco Pie, or a plate of cookies. or better yet a whole freezer Lasagne and drop it off with a big note saying THANK-YOU!

Date #5: Buy a huge bouquet of inexpensive flowers. (Carnations) Walk around with your date and pass out flowers to people. While you do ask them to tell you something unique about them.

Date#6: Go to an arcade with a ton of quarters and pass them out for anyone to play.


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