Story #12: Christmas Traditions

My tree fell. It has become a tradition in our family.

Yep, we get a real one.

Yep we’ve tried different stands.

Yep we should just bite the bullet and buy a fake one and open the tree umbrella each Thanksgiving with all the decorations and lights already glued on.

But for me, its all about the senses and the experience.

Except the part when it falls.

You see, it doesn’t fall when it is just newly in the stand. That would be “Oh so tolerable.” The tree is like those squirrels in a past post…Sabotaged by Squirrels it waits for just the right moment to sabotage…

The sugar level is low, the legs are aching from climbing up and down a step stool. The water level is completely full. Fingers are stained from sap and cut from untangling those wire hooks tangled in a wire ball. The face is scratched from jamming lights deep inside the core…

Oh, and the lights and their sneaky sabotaging is a whole other fight. I had done my light ritual of sitting down with each strand, massaging the little bulbs and speaking gentle words so they would be kind to me during the season. I even sang to them.

And then I placed a feather weight ornament on one side and that was the time the tree, the lights, all the ornaments did some kind of secret sign, they cracked up, and…


I tried to grab it half way but I fell with it.

You know that split second when you mind re-checks what just happened because you were so caught off-guard. And the only response is….

              ” no, no, no, no, NO!…”

I did not swear.

I did not have a tantrum and throw things.

I just got up off the floor, took out some of the metal tree hooks and glass pieces from my arm,

propped the tree against the wall,

put a towel on the floor, and…

I left. 

We have ornaments on our tree that  when people come look they say, “OH no,  that one is broken. What happened to that?”

                       “Oh, I say that was the 2007 tree fall….

I guess this conspiracy is really teaching me to not take this tree decorating stuff too seriously. It does make a funny Christmas party story…like the year we tied the tree to the wall…(No lie)

But I wasn’t laughing yesterday…

Perhaps the giggles will come around July 4th or later.


In the tree that is now nailed to the floor…(just kidding)


What it really looks like…


At least the heads are still on.


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