Holding tight to heal

                                    The effect in sickness

of beautiful objects,

of variety of objects,

and especially of brilliancy of color

is hardly at all appreciated…

[They are] actual means of recovery.

–Florence Nightingale, nurse


“An object with sentimental value can comfort, calm, hold you up, or hold you together. When you hold it, you might be able to conjure up a better time or a positive memory…Feel the comfort they bring you–” The Creative Cure by Dr. Carrie Barron, MD, Dr. Alton Barron, MD

I carry a little shiny black rock in my purse every single day. It gives me comfort to know it is there.  It is from a very special beach at Lake Tahoe.

I held it in my pocket every single day I had chemo therapy. I brought it to every single surgery, every single radiation treatment, every poke, cut, shot, or examination. It transforms me to a place of comfort, peace, and safety.

Find your object, poem, or song.  Hold tight and let it help heal you.



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