Christ in Christmas in bits and pieces

Happy Dec. 2nd

 “Tis the Season to be Jolly…”   Deck the Halls,  An Old Welsh Carol


being in good spirits; merry. 

Cheerfully festive. 

Delightful, charming. 

To try to keep in person a good humor. 

To gain a desired end.

 Did Jesus Christ Smile? 

Have you ever thought about it? 


From the Scriptures:  And it came to pass that Jesus blessed them as they did pray unto him; and his countenance did smile upon them, and the light of his countenance did shine upon them,… 3rd Nephi 19:25

See if being “jolly” is contagious, even if you don’t feel that good. Smile, this season, to everyone, even yourself in the mirror.  People often don’t deserve it, but they always need it!  

“A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.  Proverbs 17:22

 When you read scriptures about the Savior this season, picture him smiling.

What was his first smile like to his mother, Mary? Did he smile after he created the earth?  Did he smile after he was baptized? Did he smile when he brought the children to him?  Did he smile when 5,000 were full and ready to hear his words? I believe the answer is YES! Picture him smiling…at you!  You are loved by Him.



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