Bit by the Bitter Bug

A cancer diagnosis is shocking and frightening!

I will admit that I felt angry and hurt over and over through the process.

Everything felt too much

and it was very easy to get caught in bitterness.

But bitterness sucks life out of you.

It does not heal you.

I found a quote which I read often to remind myself:

“Bitterness is a poison that snuffs the light of our souls,

hardening us to life’s pleasures, and joys

by keeping us focused only on what is wrong.”

The best way to combat bitterness is to begin to notice

simple things in your life

during your moments with cancer,

that you are grateful for.

Some people even keep a gratitude journal.

“I want my soul to shine with an overflowing of love,

and practicing gratitude is one of the best ways i know how to do it.”

I still catch myself feeling bitterness at times.

But I choose not to stay too long in that place.

It’s too dangerous.

“Gratitude is an inner light that we can use to illuminate our souls.”

Wow, have I grown!

(Quotes from m. j. ryan, Attitudes of Gratitude)

For Dr. Capase
For Dr. Capase


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