Psychology of Happy

Vika is an angel. 

She is my mother’s care-giver.

My mother is in her 89th year and has congestive heart failure.

But you wouldn’t know, because Vika makes her life so meaningful!

Vika understands something that is difficult to teach.

It is the power of Happy!

She understands how to create joy for an elderly person who’s life could be difficult and discouraging.

We had a long discussion about it, together while I visiting my mom this past 2 weeks. She works, not only to care for my mother physically, but emotionally as well.

She said in her thick Tongan accent, “I try to find ways to make your mother have fun.” And she does! It is amazing!

The first thing my mother wakes up to is Vika little whistle. It is meaningful because it is the same whistle tone that my father used to do for my mother when he tried to locate her, when he was alive. My mother loves it!

Vika is sensitive to my mother’s moods, and adapts to them. When my mother is frightened, Vika sits close. When my mother feels blue, Vika sings, or teaches her Tongan words which makes her laugh. Vika tells her how beautiful she is and gives her encouragement, all day long. I have witnessed it!!

There is a psychology to healing that is not limited to physical care. There truly is a power of Happy, and Vika is a natural at it.

How blessed I am to have an angel care for my angel mother when I cannot live close…

There is a power of Happy in Healing!

I have seen it.

I have tried to create it for my own healing!

See if you can find it too…


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