Quiet week before Easter

I find

the best times to teach

and learn


when you feel

most comfortable–

not forced.

On a lap,

cozied up

under a blankey

with a warm child

or kitty.

At the dinner table

between passing the hot rolls,

or picking food off plates,

when dinner is finished.

Driving in the car,

in between singing

at the top

of everyone’s lungs.

Or perhaps

all tucked around

in a big bed,

as one person reads

or tells something

with their heart.

This is how I want the week

before Easter

to play out

on my blog.

I am not enforcing one type of religion.

Just quiet thoughts

to think about

to reflect and possibly


I want to invite you

around my dinner table.

Kick off your shoes.

I want to experience,

with you,

the most important event

that ever happened,

with our most precious

big brother



Come on in.

Get comfy.

It’s worth the time–



for us…


I want to anyway.


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