Oh No, tommorrow is Valentine’s Day

Sometimes enjoying the different seasons of life that once were fun, just seem too hard to face.

It’s okay….Not for long!

But someone you love wants to be acknowledged on Valentine’s Day so the most simple but clever way to do so, if you just don’t have the energy, or if you do… is a bar of soap! (No I am not offering frisky advice…this blog is g-rated)

Take a bar of soap and write a love letter on your sweethearts bathroom mirror. If  you have the energy walk around your house and on every glass surface draw a heart and if you want add little quick thoughts..On your microwave, computer screen, front hall mirror, rear view mirror in the car, you get the idea…write something like, “you’re cute, I love your walk, you drive me crazy with love…”  Or just draw the hearts.

Wahh-Lahhh! You just celebrated Valentine’s day! Easy clean-up. If you want an even easier clean up write it with a dry erase marker…But I prefer soap. It does have a more…intimate appeal!

If you want a few more ideas these are from my other blog. It shows how to do simple, cheap, cleaver ways to say I love you…


Have a Happy Valentine’s Day…You deserve it!

Sending a little  love your way…………….


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