Gift in the New Year


is an INSIDE job.

We need

to nurture


every once

in awhile.


Oh how difficult it is to STOP doing for others

when that is what we are programed to do.

Cancer gives us the excuse to say “NO, I can’t right now.

I am taking time to heal.”

For the New Year,

take your brand new calendar

and circle a random day in each month,

or go into your electronic calendar

and pick a random day and

make a note 12 times–

one day in each month.

Draw a smiley face and write “Today is the day!”

On that day is a reminder that you WILL give a

gift to yourself!

This is your New Year’s Resolution!


Instead of listing a     L   O   N   G   list of “Have-to” New Year’s resolutions

Make a List of simple things you love to do

that would be gifts

to give yourself

and allow Happiness

to grow inside.

Something that makes YOU feel happy on the inside!

Here is a small basket of gifts I can draw from on my

“Today is the day” day from my calendar for 2013:

1. Take a bubble bath and read something delicious.

2. Spend an afternoon at the Library just browsing.

3. Pajama DAY! Eat soup, drink cups of herb tea and read by the fire or outside on a lazy chair all day!

4. Paint nothing but just colors.

5. Read children’s literature.

6. Write a letter on pretty paper and send it snail mail.

7. Feed the animals at the park

8. Go for a slow walk and find treasures for an art project.

9. Stitch wool felt.

My First Gift Day is randomly Jan 21st!

The mind and body are not separate and it is a fact that if you are feeling in a happy state of mind then you protect your immune system. Happiness has an affect for good in your healing!


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