Graffiti Gratitude Poster

Doctors, Nurses, Patients, Valet hospital people, blood labs, etc. all love to be thanked.

And deservedly so. When someone helps with your healing you want to thank anyone who helped!

Here is a fun way.

Graffiti Gratitude Poster:


1. poster board or large sheet of paper

2. markers

There is a wall somewhere in your doctors office, the infusion room, the lab, the radiation room, the hospital that you could tack this up on with a marker tied on a string taped next to it but you will have to be assertive and daring.

Write “We are Thankful for YOU because…

Allow patients who walk in to write on the “graffiti  wall” their own personal sentiments of gratitude. (You may have to write a note on it to “please add your thoughts,” or start it up while others are around…)

If you are too nervous stick it behind the door when you get examined…no one will know except all the other patients who are sitting in there waiting their turn at their time.


You can do one at your own at home for any or all of these people and bring it next time you go, but post it where many can see. Fill it with all the things you never were thankful for when you first found out about cancer but now are very grateful for because you are alive!


You cannot be grateful and unhappy at the same time.   Gratitude births only positive feelings—love, compassion, joy, and hope.  As we focus on what we are thankful for fear, anger, and bitterness simply melt away, seemingly without effort.




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