The history of the Chalk Mural…

FORCE is an organization for supporting Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer.

The Awareness week begins September 23-29, 2012.  A special Previvor day is on Sept. 26th.  FORCE asked survivors to contact the newspaper and write up a press release to get the information out.  KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

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Many people don’t want to get tested  for hereditary cancers.  It is frightening besides many other reasons.  I was apprehensive to have the heredity test done as well.  But I wanted to find the reason why I was surprised with cancer since it was not something that was prominent in my family. But when I found out I had a cancer mutation which was passed down by my father I wanted my family tested.  I did NOT want any of my children to go through what I have had to go through.  My only daughter was tested and also has the mutation.  I was heart broken. But I have been reminded over and over again that because she knows, she won’t be surprised.  That is when I realized that knowledge is power!  By knowing this it can not  only save my daughter, but generations.  I have siblings who choose not to tell.  That makes me frightened for their children for generations too.  The odds are too high!  To just wait and see could be too late!

Instead of a press release, I decided to do something a little different.  My last blog post shows the idea.  I got up and began my very own Chalk Mural!  This blog post shows all the pictures.  Thank you to my son Tyler for helping me.  He did all the lettering around the circle and helped me color for hours.  It says around the circle “I choose to save my children, their children, their children, and theirs,…forever. Thank you to all of the people who came and colored the little girls.  They turned out amazing!

My goal was to finish the mural Saturday because last Wednesday when I began, it was supposed to rain on Sunday. Friday night the mural was done!  But a photographer was scheduled to come Saturday to get on a ladder or up in a high window to get a full view. So I was too tired to bother with a full picture on Friday!

But weather is a lot like cancer.  Surprises come up all the time!  Saturday morning I jumped out of bed and ran to the window because it seemed extra dark for the morning.  I looked down at my mural and it was in a puddle! It rained a day early!!!

The last pictures I got were of it blurred from the rain.  But it fit with the theme.  Don’t get caught in a surprise.  Knowledge really is power.  Please get tested for hereditary breast or ovarian cancer if you think your family is at risk.  Please don’t just think of yourself, think of your little grand daughter, your sister, your own children.  Prevention and screenings can save lives for generations!  I hope the things I had to sacrifice and the things I went through will be for a reason. 

This is the reason!


4 thoughts on “The history of the Chalk Mural…

  1. Great work! Knowledge IS power and what you are doing with sharing your story can absolutely change lives. I’m a Brac+ gal too as is my twin. We don’t know if our mutation has been passed on to our twins but we are grateful to know much more now than when we were diagnosed with cancer about how gene testing can impact treatment. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. This is amazing. You know I would have been right there with ya if I lived closer. So glad you still got a pic! Post the newspaper article once it runs!

  3. I have always felt so inspired by your happy attitude about life. I love this idea and I hope that it gets the attention of those that are so desperately in need of this knowledge. 🙂 Love ya!

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