The Comfort Pillow

Last Spring I had the opportunity to volunteer at CancerCare a non-profit organization that helps families going through cancer.  I was asked to work on a brochure for a project the social workers do with families with loved ones who have cancer in the hospitals around the area.  It was called the Comfort Pillow.  Click on the pictures to read them up close.  I hope you will make one for you and your loved ones to hold. 

Supplies:  Muslin fabric, markers, stuffing, a piece of trash cardboard to place inside the muslin so the markers won’t bleed through, one heart made from cardboard or wood to place inside, and one picture to place on the front of the pillow.

The pillow is made out of a square of muslin fabric sewn or glued together in a square.   (If you don’t have access to a wooden heart, you can cut a sturdy heart out of a cereal box, or paper plate to write a sweet message on.)

This is not only for children with parents with cancer. 

It is for anyone who would love a little comfort!  Enjoy!

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