Nail polish, a splash of color and self esteem!

Love this! Borrowed from my daughter-in-laws blog:  ( Blog on Fashion!

By: Jackie from the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance

A Fashion Prescription for Fighting Cancer

Like it or not, a woman’s inner beauty is often best showcased when she uses fashion to maximize her assets. It may be a striking pair of Stilettos, that timeless little black dress, or an edgy new shade of nail polish. Fashion can boost any woman’s confidence and empower her to show-off her inner beauty.However, who thinks of fashion during the fight against cancer? In the face of such an illness, it would seem a woman’s energies are best spent on loved ones rather than her own appearance. However, fashion can draw out female strength, especially in the face of cancer. It can help recover one’s sense of natural beauty and is definitely an essential element in the recovery process.

Whether a woman is undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer or seeing doctors specializing in mesothelioma, harnessing the power of fashion can be helpful for women fighting to recover. Understandably, many cancer patients let physical beauty take the backseat to the effects of treatment. After all, cancer’s toll on physical beauty cuts deep. For many, extreme weight loss and dark under-eye circles make cancer victims shadows of their former selves. Women who lose their luscious locks, eye lashes and eyebrows are not only dealing with the physical trauma, but an emotional trauma as well.

These common side effects are all the more reason that cancer doctors should actively prescribe a daily regimen to focus on the little things that make them feel human again. Cancer fighters need to feel like the beautiful women they are. By taking a little time to focus on makeup, clothing, shoes and accessories they can send a message to the world that they are warriors inside and out.

The benefits of a richly colored silken scarf or even a fun floppy summer hat to a chemo patient’s outlook are immeasurable. Even a beautiful pendant or charm bracelet can remind her of her sentimental treasures that bring back happiness. And what woman doesn’t delight in slipping into that couture dress that seems like it was made just for her? Fashion empowers any woman, and especially those fighting cancer, to celebrate every day as a gift.

Those facing cancer should not be afraid to indulge in the fashionable pieces that breathe life into their wardrobes. Those who love a woman enduring cancer should be careful not to forget the impact a simple gift of beauty can do to bolster her as she fights against cancer and to brings out her soul’s deepest beauty.

Thank you so much Jackie! 

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