The Day I lost my hair…

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Chemo really did make my hair fall out!

I was hoping I would be the exception.

What do I do now?

I put on my best face and made a party out of it with my boys.

All of my boys were part of the shaving party.

They tried all new hairstyles, used gel and army hats.

They even painted my head like the cartoon Avatar.

Then to feel a part of it, they began to shave their heads too.

Finally to top it off, (No pun intended)

I had my best friend fly cross country and finish me off by shaving me razor bald.

It is very hard to loose your hair.

I know.

But getting through it ….Laughter can be medicine.

(Secret:  I put my hair in a baggy.  Often I would pull out my hair from my drawer and hold on to it as if it were a comfort lovey.  It was my old life.  It was me before cancer.  Many tears were shed as I held my tiny locks of hair.)


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