It’s Creepy and it’s Kooky

 I wanted to make my chemo experience “fun.” Inside I was terrified.  So I began to write silly songs to sing to my doctor and the nurses who would administer my “clean-o.” (Since I lost my voice singing it made it even more funny!)  It cheered me up and the medical staff looked forward to it.  One of my songs is still posted in the “poker room.” I shall share as I go along.  Remember they are silly.

–just trying to make light of the situation.

Song number one:

Sung to the tune of:

The Adams family song:

 Its creepy and its kooky,

mysterious and spooky

It’s all together ooky

My Cancer Family


The place is a museum

When I go in to see ‘em

They help me not to scre-um

My cancer family


So now when I feel freaky

I don’t need to get weepy

They help me all so sweetly

My Cancer family

Sing it loud. 

Sing it with your cancer friends!



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