The Power of Music

I believe  “the arts” carry with them languages of the soul and I seem to be acutely sensitive to those languages.

A friend told me once that some people were gifted in playing music and some people were gifted in listening.  I am the latter.

My angels directed me directly to music when I was diagnosed with cancer.  Music began to follow me throughout my days and became my dear friend, staying with me, especially during my alone or frightened hours.  I was particularly sensitive to loud noises while I was going through chemo therapy and I could not listen to loud rock or pop. I had my “face the morning music” with  Jenny Oaks Baker who’s violin music gave me strength to face the day and faith to trust in God and His plan for me going through this adversity.  I listened to children’s up beat music from Disney radio or Disney shows on my chemo days to keep things light because I felt uneasy and afraid inside.  I listened to Manheim Steam Roller’s Catching Snowflakes full blast on Radiation  Days because to me it didn’t sound like snow flakes but  like sunlight and that was how I viewed radiation therapy healing me.

Find music that will heal your heart.  Listen to change your mood.  Relax and listen. If it enriches you soul then it will be a part of your healing.  This is the beginning to what I did with music to help me heal. I will tell more in upcoming posts.

For Friends or family, a really kind gesture would be to gather music that would be comfy for your cancer friend to listen to, especially days when they have treatments or surgeries.  It is a great distraction for discomfort and the scaries.

There is power in MUSIC!

There is power in the ARTS for Healing! 


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