The Power of KINDNESS

What?  You never knew? 

 Random Acts of Kindness week is the week of February 13-19th. 

The power of kindness is immense.  It is nothing less, really, than the power to change the world. –-Daphne Rose Kingma, Random Acts of Kindness.

Focus outward if you have the energy, it will lift your spirits.

Quick list:   Say please and thank you, return grocery carts if you have the energy, be a good listener, plant a tree or have a friend plant one for you, bring a flower to someone who looks like they need it, leave a kind note for your mail carrier or someone that looks like they need one, write a note to your friend’s parents thanking them for your friend, send a greeting card to one of your neighbors, help people feel less worried in a waiting room, give a Popsicle to a gardener, answer the phone in a pleasant voice,thank the tree for giving you shade, put riddles on mirrors to make everyone smile, Hold a RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) party, do one kind thing each day for someone for an entire month, feed the birds, make someone’s bed without telling them, pick up trash, bring cupcakes to your doctor, save some worms on a rainy day, bring treats to your friend’s dog, send an anonymous letter to someone telling them thank you, smile more, buy a pack of gum for a child or adult, compliment someone and really mean it, buy a candy bar for someone or for the person checking you out of the store, plant some seeds, thank your dad and mom for working hard for  you, laugh out loud, tell your neighbor you love their garden, be a patient, courteous driver  and allow people to come in your lane, buy a soda for someone, do something around your house without being asked, offer a hug to someone who needs one, look around and notice where you can give kindness spontaneously, you get the idea… have fun and feel the rewards of giving. The secret is you don’t have to do these things only on Random Acts of Kindness week, but any day you choose!

Here are a few more in detail: 

1. Door bell ditch together as a family with a homemade treat left on your friend’s doorstep.  (It’s not just for Christmas anymore, its for RAK!) Hide in a place where you can see their faces when they get the surprise! (If you don’t feel up to it, just sit in the car and watch.  It will lift your spirits)

2. Go to your local ice cream parlor and treat your family to ice cream.  Pay for 5 extra people to receive  ice creams and tell the parlor you want to stay anonymous and sit and watch how happy the other 5 customers will be.

3. Everyone goes to their mailbox hoping there will be more than just junk mail. Sending a snail mail letter is a great way to give a gift.  Color the envelope or put stickers all over it. Write poems, or happy thoughts.

4.  Load your pockets with some doggy treats as you go for a walk.  When you get a “barker”, just toss the doggy a treat.  The dog will be pleasantly surprised!

5.  Invite a unique mix to dinner, perhaps someone you met at your cancer center.  Serve pancakes.

6.  On a cold day pop some  extra hand warmers in your pockets and when you see someone who is freezing, hand them some hand warmers for relief.

7.  My favorite:  Be a magic dragon.  A little boy who had lukemia would receive a surprise package every time he was feeling discouraged.  The family never knew who the packages came from; they were signed from the magic dragon.  Become a magic dragon to someone who needs you. (Old Post)

Many of these ideas were my own but a few were adapted from the Books Random Acts of Kindness. 1993, 2003 (Conari Press)

Let the beauty we love be what we do.  –Rumi


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