The Roller Coaster Ride

My Chart

When my Cancer Center explained all of the treatments I was going to have, it was very overwhelming.  To help my children, my extended family, and me keep it all straight I made a chart.  I put in on a wall in our kitchen so everyone could see what was next.  We colored in each one when I was done with that particular treatment. I wanted it to be bright! I sent a small chart to my elderly parents across country so they could keep track too.  I made a little roller coaster car with my picture on it that I could move along the track to each new treatment. (I just put tape on the back) I wrote comments on it that reminded me of what I was feeling as I went through the different treatments.  I even named each treatment.  My first was chocolate syrup.

Was it hard to make…nope!

Take a white poster board and use something from your kitchen to make the circles. Make as many circles as treatments you will have.  I had six weeks of radiation so I split the circles in five for the week instead of making 30 more circles at the bottom. I made a simple track all around the circles to look like a roller coaster.  There was a big finish at the end with flowers and smiley faces. Be creative and make your own.  Have your children help you make it.  Allow them to be involved in the process.  Have them color in the circles and move the little car with you in it.  It makes the time fun.  Everyone knows what’s next.

My married daughter sent me thoughts each week and I placed those around my chart (above on the colored post a notes.)


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