The Person behind “The Window”

little things have big results sometimes.

Willy Without, Margaret Moore, 1951

The door opens and I feel that familiar blast as cold air and heat come together between in and out.  It is yet again, another appointment. I have lost track how many.  And there it is…”The Window!” I heave a big sigh and move forward to face it.

This is my wish list for “the person behind the window,” (The receptionist)

1. I wish you would look at me.     I do not want to be here for this appointment. But because I am here I am probably frightened, sick, hurt, angry or worried.     

2. I wish you knew how much your influence has on how I am going to feel as I wait for my appointment and how much influence it has on the professional quality of the physician(s) you work for.

3. I wish you would simply smile and say “Hello, How are you.” If you smile and talk to me, it will calm my nerves and help me relax.

4. I wish you would NOT hurry.

4. I wish you were standing in my shoes and would see how it feels if you are abrupt, inconsiderate, talking on the phone, or ignored.  That would hurt anyone’s feelings, even yours.

5. I wish the receptionists that I have met along my healing journey, who were happy, kind, compassionate, and light hearted could be packed up and brought with me as a stand-in in place of the other receptionists I have had to face behind “the window.”

What do I do now?  Bring a tiny treat or small thought for your receptionists to brighten their day.  They probably need it.  They will remember you and will treat you kindly when you come again. Kindness is contagious!


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