Here is something to try for Teens

I lived with 5 boys when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  My youngest just turning 12.  One way boys cope is to ignore.  It is often easier to pretend awful experiences don’t exist.

Here is a solution.  The “pillow journal.”  Use an inexpensive school notebook or an artist notebook or journal.  Begin a journal entry telling your child you want to talk with them about cancer, but since this subject may be too hard to discuss in person, you both can use this journal to talk to each other as much as you want; about thoughts and fears.

Leave it on their pillow and ask them to place it back on yours when they write in it.  You may only be the one writing for awhile. But don’t give up.  At least you are acknowledging them and their fears.  They may act tough, but they are frightened too.

3 thoughts on “Here is something to try for Teens

  1. I love this idea. I will definitely use it and have seen how it has helped other people who do similar things. Did you use this with your boys?

  2. This is a great idea! I agree it is a one of the best ways to communication between parents and chidren. It really does helpful for both of them.It give them time think over and not show much emotion right way. It will be more gentle both of them.It also open both of their heart to know each other’s need and wants.

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