I choose to save my children, their children, their children and theirs….Mural


Dear One,

No one can face cancer without feeling terrified.  I don’t care how together, how intelligent, how independent, how tough or even how prickly you are.  You may be an expert at faking it—but you are doing just that!

My advice that I didn’t always take and often wished I did:  Don’t face any part of this alone.  If you are like me, an introvert, just know that there are people who want to help. Here are people to call and tell as soon as you know!

1. Rely on family, neighbors, and friends.

2. Call your church

3. Cancer support groups are everywhere.  Go to cancer sites and give them your area.

4. Talk to your oncologist or surgeon, or primary care.

The hardest part of being the one with cancer is allowing people to help you.  It is SO much easier to serve others!  But as you read my blog you will see how you can do just that even as the one with cancer.  Remember how it feels to serve someone.  Give that to someone else when you need it, by allowing them to help you too.


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