For Spouse or Partner

 Dear Spouse/Partner,

You have received the shock of a lifetime now that the person you love has cancer. You will not be in the limelight but will be in charge of holding everything together.  This is a huge task!  You will be the very leaning post that your cancer survivor will depend on for most everything.  It will be quite overwhelming.  Take some time to stay quiet yourself. You need to especially take care of you because everyone will depend on you to make things as normal as possible.  Communicate with loved ones or have them begin a blog for you so you only have to tell one person and they can tell everyone else. When you research be sure you use the designated sites for cancer information.   Write down and ask as many questions as you can think of.  Keep records and take  a notebook with you at every appointment.  Go with your partner to as many doctors appointments as you can.  Write everything down and ask for records.  Take one day at a time.  We can do this…together.  I hope I can help even a little.


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